If you want to make great wine, you have got to be willing to loose skin in the game.

Demo for a pilot show developed for National Geographic. The show ultimately ended up getting shelved, but it was fun to work on and I met a lot of intriguing people as well as learned a ton about Wine. Bonus!!!

“Alaska State Troopers” Season 2

This is a sample of the hit reality TV show “Alaska State Troopers” which airs on National Geographic.
The show is produced by PSG Films a Seattle based company which has produced 3 seasons of AST amongst many other successful shows. I was one of the main editors for the second half of season 2. I also worked on the entire season of Montana Frontier Force which also airs on National Geographic.
This clip is a representation of a few of the shows I worked on.
All content is owned by PSG films and the rights to the show are owned by National Geographic.



“Flipside” Season 2 “The Making of Optimistic” Tease

This is a sample from a Television series for FUEL TV that I helped produce, shoot and I essentially edited the entire series for 3 seasons.

This was an Absinthe Films production( by FUEL(
I was a part of the Absinthe crew for 4 years solidly as one of their main Cinematographers and also one of the main Producers of the behind the scenes reality-show/documentary series “Flipside” which was based on the making of Absinthe’s world renowned snowboard films.
It was a great time period of my life and I still shoot for those guys on occasion and most definitely have made many good friends for life.
Flipside has morphed a bit now-a-days but is still being produced by Absinthe as an online web series which can be viewed on their website. (

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