Gear List


RED EPIC X – Full package includes Canon and PL lens mounts; equipped for shooting in Studio and Practical locations.

Canon 5D Marklll 

Bolex EL Super 16mm



Canon L series- 24-70 1.2 

Canon L series- 70-200 1.2 

Rokinon Prime14mm T3.0

Rokinon Prime 85mm T1.5

Set of Nikon Primes- 24mm 2.8,35mm 2.0, 50mm 2.0, 105 2.5 


Cooke 18-90  Technovision T2.3

Dulcos converted Sigma 11-16 1.2

Super 16 Cinema

KERN Vario-Switar 16-100 Cinema Zoom 1.9

KERN Paillard Switar 10mm 1.6 w/Century Optics Wide Adapter 6mm


Tiffen Circular Polarizer

Tiffen IR ND Set of 4 stops

Tiffen Digital HT 2 stop clear grad

Tiifen Black Satin number 2 Softening Filter

Tiffen Standard Hot Mirror

Camera Support:

Cartoni Sticks W/ Gitzo Fluid Head

Mantis Handheld Rig

Arri Matte Box


Senheiser Remote Lav and Tram Mic

Rhode Mini Shotgun Mic


Arri Tungsten Lighting  Kit- 2 300 Fresnels and 2- 600 Open Faced Lights 

Arri 1K Tungsten Open Faced 

Arri 2K Tungsten Fresnel

A number of variable size, Edison driven china balls for ambience lighting. Daylight and Tungsten

2- 1K LED variable Tube lights 

1 Chimera Soft Box


CTB, CTO, CTS, Diffusion, variety of other shades and colors.

Post Production:

Mac Tower on portable DIT Cart complete with full Adobe Editing Sweet, RED CineX capabilities and more…