Emmy Nominations and Winner!!!

PBS Mini Docs Series Emmy WINNER!!! And runner up. 2 of the 6 in a series of short docs done for PBS, that I shot and edited ,were nominated for Emmys and one of them, ‘Different One’ actually won!  I’m as amazed as you are.  It feels good to have hard work and dedication to …


Visit Rainier Web Campaign

Visit Rainier Web Campaign https://vimeo.com/188942506 https://vimeo.com/188942187 https://vimeo.com/188936839 https://vimeo.com/166999335 https://vimeo.com/192200341 https://vimeo.com/192180926 https://vimeo.com/192183001 https://vimeo.com/192196902 https://vimeo.com/192199245 https://vimeo.com/188942612 https://vimeo.com/188942557 https://vimeo.com/188942813 https://vimeo.com/192179247    


PBS Short Form Docs

“PBS Mini Docs” Here are a collection of some short form docs I shot and edited for PBS.   ENJOY   https://vimeo.com/153321034 https://vimeo.com/149175137 https://vimeo.com/155212555