• Last Call: Scott Sullivan’s New Music Video

    Latest creation. Co-Lab with the incredible talent and brilliance of the Mr. Scott Sullivan. One of his hit songs on his new album Cracks and All.  Wonderful album packed with good sound. Available on I-tunes now!!!! Scott had an idea, I came up with the concept, Sullivan added to my vision and we produced this bad boy …

  • REEL 2012

    THE “REEL” DEAL This is a collection of my work that I shot and or directed. Shot on a variety of different cameras and mediums like Bolex EL 16mm, RedOne, Canon 5D and my I-Phone.

  • Latest Post: Category; Cinematography and Direction

    “SHREDDING FOAM” This is a piece I put together with some old 16mm footage I had shot with some friends down in California. Paired up with some shots from my friend Scott Sullivan who likes to swim around in the waves. Enjoy….     

  • Bio

    This is me, I’m really neat.